Koren Zander, known to most beauty enthusiasts as EnKore Makeup, is one of the most subscribed Beauty Guru on YouTube. With 20+ years experience as a Professional Makeup Artist, He has worked on numerous theatrical productions worldwide as well as runway shows, commercials, bridal, pageants, and print. His popular YouTube channel contains instructional how-to videos ranging from application techniques, tips and tricks of the trade, product reviews, and makeup organizing ideas. Koren had educated Pros and makeup enthusiasts worldwide, as a key educator for The International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS), The Makeup Show, The Artist Summit, and The Learning Annex. Visit his channel at


KOREN Zander


Southern California native, Elessa Vovan, began her love for art at a young age, translating her painting and sculpting skills into makeup. Makeup application has always been in her blood, at 2 years old she picked up her first hot pink lipstick and didn’t look back.  By the time she was 6 she could recite what each product in her mom’s train case was and demonstrate how to apply it. 

Elessa has almost 10 years of beauty experience working with models, enhancing beautiful brides, actors on screen and off screen, private and group training, sessions at the International Makeup Artist Summit and her most memorable training at Estee Lauder.  

After experiencing the high demand for personal one and one coaching in 2006, Elessa started up a website and educational videos geared towards teaching individuals how to apply makeup on their own; to be their own makeup artist. With very little videos and information on self application she felt that it was time to share her tips and tricks with the online world.  Pursebuzz has now topped 81 million video views from around the world. Elessa is best known as the face behind successful the beauty channel



INSTRUCTOR (at some cities)